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JonM wrote up the story of our high altitude balloon adventure and it’s reproduced here in this pdf for you to download! He also documented the circuit diagrams for the camera triggering device and the secondary cutdown device. – PDF Link

  • robert_c_y

    You all collected data from the balloon, right? It should be fairly easy to interpolate it into a much tighter search area than you presently have. Could you set up a site where you post your data? I have some experience with data interpolation and I would love to see if I could help.

    Bob Young

  • fatnickc

    How soon do you think you guys will be going out to find it again? I can’t wait to see some of the photographs!

  • Bre

    Hey Bob, go check out balloon.pbwiki.com for more info and let me know if you’d like any more help. A pack of math ninjas has narrowed it down with 4 projected landing sites withing a square mile to get checkout out. You can see that info at http://balloon.pbwiki.com/EasterEggHunt

    Thanks! -Bre