Here’s a sweet line following robot, thanks Liane!

For the holidays, my local grocery store sold m&m’s candy containers in the shape of a racecar. The containers are painted metal (probably steel), with a thin plastic coating on the inside. A dinky package of plain m&m’s came inside, not peanut, as the yellow-color driver suggests.

About this same time, the ChiBots robot club began discussing holding a robot line-following contest. Naturally, the colorful candy tin seemed like a perfect body to motorize and drive around the course.

Robot Room – Sweet Line Following Robot – Link.

  • bf5man_

    I highly recommend his book Robot Building for Beginners, i’ve learn a lot about basic electronics and it’s well written.

  • Holstein

    Nice project, but it is in no way “new”… The comments on the site date back to december 2000…

    Still, I’ve learned a lot too from Mr. Cook Website, great stuff!