These are handy and well, you could (re)make your own too… –

Extra-strong, natural rubber bands with patented wood closure pins organize everything from electronic and computer cables, to extension cords, power tools, and more.

Bongo ties – [via] Link.

  • PhotonDetector

    They patented a girth hitch and a piece of wood? Seriously? Cool? Yes. Novel and non-obvious? No.

  • cylver

    The “patented wood closure pins” look a whole lot like two golf tees with the tips cut off, and glued together.

  • dj_nme

    Patent on a rubber band with a toggle?
    I thought that patents were only supposed to be granted for novel items, how could an obvious use for an elastic band be patentable?
    Natural rubber is a bad choice for holding for long-term strapping, simply because it will perish fairly quickly.

  • ad_astra

    Well, the Supreme Court just ruled that the lower courts have been applying a far too easy-to-pass obviousness standard, which might explain how this sort of thing happens…at least now it’ll be easier to invalidate stuff like this.

  • volkemon

    “with patented wood closure pins”

    Makes me think the patent is on some innovative aspect of the toggle itself, not the process in total.

    Indeed, natural rubber is a poor choice, but sounds really ‘green’….