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String tripod

ShoeBlade writes - This is an old photographers trick. Sometimes referred to as a string tripod or string bipod or string monopod. Also known as a chain tripod, bipod, etc… This device is used to stabilize a camera in order to get clearer pictures at a slow shutter speed. The... Read more »

Bongo ties

These are handy and well, you could (re)make your own too… - Extra-strong, natural rubber bands with patented wood closure pins organize everything from electronic and computer cables, to extension cords, power tools, and more. Bongo ties – [via] Link. Read more »

C64 wordpress theme

Jason over @ Hackszine writes- Rod McFarland has put together some really cool AJAX-based CLI themes for WordPress. With his CLI 2.0 theme, you can browse blog entries by “cd”-ing through categories, typing “ls” to list article titles and “cat [articlenum]” to read a post. AJAX is used to make... Read more »

RAID 0 in a Macbook Pro

Putting a RAID 0 (striped) disk array in your laptop is a double edged sword. One the one hand, it’s twice as likely to have a disk failure. One the other hand, it can make disk-bound activity, such as uncompressed video reading and writing, much faster. Frankly, with processor, bus... Read more »


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