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The week in tools

Chuck breaks down the week in tools, he writes - This week we looked at a ten-in-one gauge for woodworkers that measures everything from dovetails to dowel diameters and slips right in your apron pocket, an inexpensive set of plans to help you build your own full-featured chop saw table,... Read more »

Command Line Interface for WordPress

Rod McFarland has put together some really cool AJAX-based CLI themes for WordPress. With his CLI 2.0 theme, you can browse blog entries by “cd”-ing through categories, typing “ls” to list article titles and “cat [articlenum]” to read a post. AJAX is used to make the whole experience seem like... Read more »

Cricut – on sale!

John writes - Hey Phil! I just came from Michael’s where I picked up a “Cricut” for $139.00! Usually they are about $299.99, but they are on sale until the end of the month. It’s currently a standalone auto-paper cutter (uses font/shape cartridges), but it has a USB port that... Read more »

dorkbot-nyc – May 2nd, 2007, 7pm

Next dorkbot looks rad – I’m excited to see Hektor the spray paint bot! The 20,007th dorkbot-nyc meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007, at 7pm at Location One in SoHo. dorkbot-nyc meetings are free and open to the public. Please bring snacks to share! Featuring the well-groomed... Read more »

BENT – day II (photos)

BENT day II rocked out again, performances by: thegovernment arc.Ozzz Gmackrr Lorin Edwin Parker Jeff Donaldson Mudboy Sabastian Boaz & The Slop Patterndiver Peter Edwards Photos Link & BENT info/schedule. If you’re in NYC stop by EYEBEAM – 540 W 21st St (btwn 10th and 11th aves), MAKE has a... Read more »

WeirdStuff has a MAKE display?

The rumor is WeirdStuff, the resellers of surplus computer hardware and software and buyers of excess inventories have a MAKE display up in their store… if you happen to go to their store, take some pictures, we’d love to see it!! WeirdStuff 384 West Caribbean Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94089 WeirdStuff... Read more »

Maker Faire: CALLING ALL: Cassette Jockies – Retro-Tech Lovers – Magnetic Media Monsters – Circuit Benders – Multi-Media DJs – Walkman Hot-Rodders

Maker Faire: CALLING ALL: Cassette Jockies – Retro-Tech Lovers – Magnetic Media Monsters – Circuit Benders – Multi-Media DJs – Walkman Hot-Rodders In 2003 at a festival in Chicago, a group of retro-tech geniuses organized The Cassette Jockey World Championships. Like the popular DJ (Disk Jockey) competitions with record-toting DJs... Read more »

Zfone: Zimmermann's VoIP encryption software

Zfone is a VoIP encryption package developed by Phil Zimmermann, the author of PGP. There’s a software utility for Linux, Mac and Windows that automatically detects VoIP calls, negotiates a secure connection, and then filters all call traffic. So now you can have a secure iChat A/V call and protect... Read more »

RFID and Text-To-Speech Modules Video Podcast

mp4|mov|appletv-hd|3gp|3g2|pdf|itunes In this Awesome Electronics Workshop, Joe Grand and I show RFID and text-to-speech modular components that you can add to your own projects. Subscribe in itunes to have these videos downloaded automatically. – Link Previous Awesome Electronics Workshop Video – Link Read more »

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