I’m going to wear this everywhere…

Protect your face and eyes from flying debris when operating power tools and garden tools. Face shield makes cleaning, yard work and other chores so much safer! Rugged iron mesh, with tough polyethylene and ABS plastic trim. Adjustable elastic strap fits most. 9″ wide.

Face Shield – [via] Link.

  • jswilson64

    It won’t stop blood or other fluids, though, so choose your hobbies wisely.

  • volkemon

    @ jswilson64: Bwahahhahahahahahaha!!!!

  • Qube68

    Wow — a chainsaw face shield. Poster doesn’t get to the Home Depot much, eh?

  • shzaq

    This Uvex Bionic faceshield is far, far better (I have one and use it a lot): http://www.uvex.us/products/products_premium.asp?id=11

    Plus the Halo-ish design is cool.