Puget Custom Computers made a nice mineral oil submerged computer –

Over the years, we have seen many projects on the web that cooled a computer using common vegetable oil, including a very popular video by Tom’s Hardware. We felt that by building a computer in an aquarium using clear mineral oil, that we would be able to accomplish a much more attractive results!

Mineral Oil Submerged Computer – [via] Link.


  • jordan314

    That’s really cool. It looks neat and the video is really well done. Props!

  • tms10000

    Also mineral oil does not degrade as easily as vegetable oil…

  • Lang

    So I assume that mineral oil is completely non conductive, right? Wow, amazing. Keep that sealed tight and you probably NEVER have to clean our your MoBo.


  • Darrell

    I love your design and 1 upped it. I put 16 Terabytes of hard disk drives in oil also. Check out my video and blog.