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Roboone Fight01-2004
Simone sent in the latest from RoboGames, Fri-Sun, June 15-17, 2007, Noon – 10pm. Fort Mason, San Francisco. She writes -

What’s got all the good parts of NASCAR crammed into one 36′ by 36′ bulletproof glass arena? That’s Robot Combat my friends! Just like you see on tv in reruns, RoboGames presents the Biggest combat robot competition in the United States! Everything from one pound antweight tinies to the 340-pound Superheavyweight behemoths, RoboGames has got the slamming, bamming, slashing and poking holes in everything in their grasp. See 1/2 inch thick steel I-Beam bumpers get peeled back like tuna cans!

Hear the crowd roar in approval as RoboGames mechanically enables some primitive reptilian hindbrain blood lust! Eat popcorn (popcorn good!)!

Robogames is pleased to welcome back some shining stars of competitions past: From Austin Texas, we welcome Uber superheavyweight, The Judge! Team Mechanicus is responsible for the majority of holes in the floor of the Combots Arena. That’s 1/4 inch cold rolled steel, people. . .

We’d also like to welcome hotshot driver extraordinaire. Gage Cauchoix, who will be driving Vladiator and Vladiator II to certain destruction (if not outright victory.)!

Come one come all, come for the robot fighting (Combots is a proud member of the Robot Fighting League) stay for the artbots, the walkers, the humanoids, the robot kung fu, the line followers, the six flavors of robot soccer, etc, etc. .

RoboGames (formerly ROBOlympics) – Link.

Phillip Torrone

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