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This site (Japanese) not only has human powered forklifts, but it also has a few other interesting human powered contraptions! – [via] Link.

  • cafn8

    So let me get this straight. The Driver is not only the motor, but also the counterweight? I wonder how well this was thought through. It’s probably OK for light loads, just DON’T STAND UP.

  • GreenJeans

    Reminds me of a Genie Material lift :

    But Genie uses outriggers with wheels to counterweight as opposed to a human. Same concept with the winch.
    You can usually rent them for around $15 a day, and they come in handy to lift heavy items inside buildings or homes.

  • mastershake916
  • mastershake916

    Oh yeah, it’s a pedal-powered crane.

  • transpalet

    Great, thx :)