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With a 35W Epilog laser 40% power, 100% speed with a 600dpi vector art image (AI) works great for laser etching an iPhone. The material on the back is a nice plastic that etched white-ish. Special thanks to Dan for experimenting… :)

  • tms10000

    Not only it will blend but it will also etch nicely under the laser.

    Too much power? Cut in half. Nice geeky present: one half for your brother, the other half for your sister…

  • supertim

    What scan speed and scan spacing does that machine use? I wonder how it compares with the raster scanner in a selective laser sintering machine.

  • rwo

    I’m waiting for the Make: store to sell diy laser etching kits and cad/cam kits.

  • rwo

    3D printer kits too.

  • anrima

    How easy would this be to do at the techshop?

  • Jack

    I recently used California Laser Etch- http://www.california-laser.com to etch my IPhone with a portrait. Came out awesome!