Jason writes –

I wish I had a Windows box handy at the moment, as I’d like play around with this. Using WiinRemote, you can have the Wii Remote control your PCs mouse. Tilting causes the mouse to move up, down, left, and right. In addition to a mouse click, the remote’s buttons can also be assigned to various key combos.

This could really come in handy for presentations or classroom instruction. With a standard laptop/projector setup, this would let you run a slideshow or demo an application while being able to move about freely. On the down side, you’ll have one less reason to hide behind the podium.

WiinRemote: Wiimote as a Windows input device – Link.

  • kylix.rd

    And of course it is written with Delphi. There is an excellent free HID component available that makes writing applications like this a snap.

  • whatsup_Will

    and this is why i want a WI, to control my pc from my lounge and also to do this stuff ;)