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To start off, we hook up the LCD module and show you how easy it is to send text to it! Then we hook up a GPS and run a program that reads the NMEA data off of it. Then we combined the two components together and went geocaching!

In the PDF, you can see the schematics and you can download a zip file with all the sample code we used in this podcast to re-create these projects! PDF Link

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  • Anonymous

    Does the LCD run on 9v? the specs (and the PDF) show both the basic stamp and the LCD running off 5v, but all other docs show a 9v battery. Is there a voltage regulator on the board with the BS? or can they all run off 5-9v?

  • craig

    I’d like to play with this. Does anyone have the complete list of the parts for this project?
    Integrate LCD and GPS Modules Into Your Projects – Awesome Electronics Workshop PDFcast


    LCD Module @ AORAN-LCD

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