At Port Everglades-03
The Cosmic Muffin was once a Boeing 307 Stratoliner and now it’s a boat (I think that’s an AC sticking out the side)… – [via] Link.

  • bentheo

    what is really strange is that my fantasy baseball team a couple of seasons ago was named the Cosmic Muffins, and I’ve never heard of this plane/boat before. I just picked two random words that I thought sounded good together.

  • tms10000

    It’s either an AC unit or a pen for a chicken. Or maybe a rabbit.

  • SlackNerd

    Jimmy Buffet has written about this boat in a song or two as well as one of his books. It was on Discovery or TLC channel a short time back on a “Strange Homes” or something. Sorry to be so vague, but I’ve slept since I last saw or read them…

  • Stokes

    I’d like to see a boat that used a plane fuselage, but cut in half and assembled like a catamaran. It wouldn’t need as large a ballast strapped to the bottom. I’m not sure what unforeseen consequences it would have on the placement of the motor, though, especially since it wouldn’t be totally symmetrical.

    I wish I had access to an airplane graveyard like the one frequently used by MythBusters. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • [email protected]

    Those us in the Boston have a more colorful association to the name – quoting from the Boston Globe upon his death…

    Radio astrologer known as the Cosmic Muffin dead at 63
    July 28, 2006

    SAUGUS, Mass. –Darrell Martinie, known on radio broadcasts as the Cosmic Muffin and named the state’s official astrologer by a Massachusetts governor, died of cancer Wednesday at his home in Saugus. He was 63.

    Martinie, known for his eye-catching clothes, spent three decades dispensing advice on radio stations in Boston, and was syndicated to stations nationwide. He was named the state’s astrologer 13 years ago by then Gov. William F. Weld.

    “He was witty, clever and irreverent,” Edward Boesel, who married Martinie two years ago after they had been a couple for more than 31 years, told The Boston Globe.

    He was tagged with the on-air name Cosmic Muffin by Boston radio personality Charles Laquidara, who took it from a National Lampoon parody song.

    Born in Massachusetts, but raised in Illinois where his family had moved, Martinie graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in psychology. He entered a Benedictine monastery in the early 1970s, intending to become a monk, but left after several months.

    He has a son, John Greene of Algonquin, Ill., from his first marriage, which ended in divorce.

    Besides Boesel and his son, Martinie leaves three sisters and two grandsons.