Here’s a new set of tools we have in the MAKE store – hand picked by our Makers this kit features everything you need to get started with electronic construction.


  • Soldering Iron
  • PCB Vise Panavise “Jr”
  • Small (7.8″) DeSoldering Pump
  • Soldering Stand with sponge
  • 0.5lb 60/40 Solder
  • Desoldering Braid
  • Wire Cutters/Stripper
  • Shear Cutters
  • 7-Function 2000-Count Multimeter

MAKE:it – Electronic makers kit – Link.

  • NGinuity

    $99 dollars?????

  • philliptorrone

    @NGinuity – add up all the costs, it’s about $99 – we didnt put together the cheapest possible, we put together something that would last for a long time. we could have left out things like the multimeter (it does continuity) and the panavise, but those are really important.

    if you’re looking for the cheapest possible, you’ll get what you pay for.

  • GregLipscomb

    It looks like a fair cost to me. Those are some essential tools for any diyer. It is similar to the list of the top ten needed tools for the DIYer that I did on my site.

  • kaden

    Will there be similar offerings for non-electronic disciplines?

  • philliptorrone

    @kaden – eventually, i’d like to. this effort took about 6 months to get all the right people, companies, pricing, etc..

  • NGinuity

    Wow, how much does a panavise and multimeter go for these days, LOL. Admittedly, I haven’t had to replace my panavise and it is, well, old. I also keep two Fluke meters, and send them off in alternating years to get calibrated, so I haven’t had to get a new one in a long time either. It was just kind of a shock.

  • amp2003

    A good start to what I was looking for. Does anyone know of a website that’ll sell a ‘starter kit’ of parts (ie. asortment of resistors, caps, leds, chips)? Or do I have pick and choose myself?

  • Tek465m – Has different assortment kits that come with an organizer, but gets expensive fast for anything more than passives. The Grab bags are a better value, but you never know what you’ll get. – Is also a good place to build up your supply of components.

  • UHF

    Xytronic is a good choice for the soldering iron.