Simon writes –

This is my project to build a life sized, beer brewing, remote controlled talking Bender robot from Futurama. He isn’t quite finished so no beer has yet been brewed in him yet but he is getting there. The body and head are mostly done and his MOS 6502 processor based brain/voice is complete and working. I am updating my progress as I go.

The Bender Brewer Project – Link.

  • TheMountain

    Whoa, Deja Vu. My wife and I have been renting the DVDs of all the futurama episodes through Netflix, and just watched the beer brewer bender episode last night.

  • keyma5ter

    Drink my shiny, metal ass.

  • dinobot

    Add a hookerbot 5,000 and you’ll never need to leave your home. Keep up the good work meatbag.

  • RTourn

    Dammit now I want one.

  • Sandro

    So cool! Good work1