Lovely collection of minature motorcycles made from watch parts, anyone know who made these? – Link.

  • Sivuca_Travassos

    Is a brazilian maker :D … she is a “Watchmaker” ??? (“relojoeiro” im portuguese) … I send to Make an mail a couple months ago , but it never been published !

    http://www.pfau.com.br/artepfau/ingles.php (english)
    http://www.pfau.com.br/artepfau/index.php (portuguese)

    ps: forgive my english skills

  • Bibi.org

    It’s a 56 year old Brazilian advertising professional called José Geraldo Reis Pfau. He makes those sculptures as a hobby and they are part of his private collection with more than 200 pieces. The link of the site above is here.

    There are more images of his works in the Power Point presentation on the page imagens