David writes –

This tutorial will show you how to make a very simple robot that will avoid obstacles on the ground. It uses no microcontrollers, no servos, and there is no need to program. The simple design make its an ideal project for those wanting to tryout robotics and also makes a great weekend project. After building one you can probably make a second one in less than 10 minutes.

Simple Robot How-To – [via] Link.

  • hockeyrink

    This design is obviously inspired by Jerome Demers’ own “Beetle Robot” design he published in 2001 on his website. He’s got an updated construction article on Instructables at http://www.instructables.com/id/EMXHDSPF2L4FTB0/

  • josh


  • dixie normus

    how the fuck do i make this little stupid fucking robot

  • Timothy W. Young G.

    I write this because i always wanted to make a robot im only 13 but i steal think i can pull i off i always like robot i like to discover robots to my brother in the army he like 18 or 20 my mom she’s 30 some thing my other brother in jail in my two sister’s 20 in other 17 in im in the seveth grade in galleger school in i like a girl name dime well thats wat i call her well that all i say by

  • timothy young

    i just want to learn how to make a robot

  • timothy young

    i just want to learn how to make a robot

    • louie

      how can i program a robot?

  • Wanderer

    I came across this post, it has some good links to guides for simple robots which use readily available basic components: