Here are a few different ways to make a cardboard stand up of yourself. I had heard about a fellow who made ones of his kids and placed them near the end of his driveway to make speeding cars slow down, apparently it works, but the drivers complained – Link.

  • ed.b

    The guy in question is M. Wood of West Salem, OH –

    Good idea but I wouldn’t be using pics of my own kids in this day and age – get some stock photos off the internet….

  • frogsoceity

    Sounds like a great way to get your kids hit by a car.

    “Oh, it’s just those cardboard cut-outs again. No need to slow down!”

  • crownroyal

    That’s a pretty cool cardboard cutout. $110 sounds a little high though!!! :p


  • subatomic

    his approach is very expensive. I have a very cheap solution using a tool most people have already.

    just load your image into excel. use a jpg with the proper dimensions (i.e. 6 feet tall) and hit print…

    excel will automatically mosaic the pages for you.
    then all you have to do is cut them out and tape/glue together.

    compared to his $110 cutout, my version is very very cheap. ink/paper/cardboard/tape and a lot of time cutting the boarders off paper…