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I had the chance to hang out with FBZ for a bit in Berlin and we made this video for you to learn how to knit!

So break out some yarn, string, cassette tape, dental floss, cat5 cable or fiber optics and knit it up into some fabric! Knitting is fun, productive, and a great way to spend time alone, around friends, or on public transportation!

  • samurai1200


    can i get a slash-center tag?

  • ygg

    And can I get a NOT autoplay?? Autoplay is wrong for so very many reasons, and in this case, I keep both Make and Craft up in two different tabs and frequently “reload all” of my firefox tabs, which now means that EVERY TIME I do this, BOTH videos start up *with [non-synchronous] sound.* Very bad. I’m pretty much going to have to either close out both sites or mute my sound until the video falls of the main page or you turn off autoplay.

    Not to mention the poor folks at work that might not want blaring audio accosting their boss.

  • ygg

    Argh! And it restarts every time I change pages! So I had to hear it start up all over again after posting a comment! maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake it stopppppppppp!

  • sohcahtoa

    I second the “yikes, please no auto-play”

  • lwbkc

    I’ve probably missed an explanation somewhere along the line, but why do podcasts/weekend projects always get listed twice in the blog? It appears that both instances link to the same podcast files…

  • philliptorrone

    hiya – one of the autoplay elements were set to true, i fixed it.

  • thym

    Is there a feed for the mov or hd vids? The mp4 isn’t so hot.

  • sophielovespeanutbutter

    Yay for knitting! Yay for knitting with stuff other than yarn!

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