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Neat idea, add inch (or centimeter marks) to your headphones and use them as an always-with-you tape measure or quick measurements – Link.

Phillip Torrone

Editor at large – Make magazine. Creative director – Adafruit Industries, contributing editor – Popular Science. Previously: Founded – Hack-a-Day, how-to editor – Engadget, Director of product development – Fallon Worldwide, Technology Director – Braincraft.



  1. Stokes says:

    That’s kind of a neat, simple idea… it might look better with a silver paint marker. Maybe silver and gold paint markers, for inches and centimeters…

  2. debaser says:

    I’m confused, do I have to have iPod headphones in order for this to work? Please help.

  3. Paolo* says:

    Well, you see apple has a patent on it so it won’t work if you don’t have iPod headphones…

  4. samurai1200 says:


  5. r080 says:

    debaser–iPod headphone cable is white, so the black and red shows up well. Silver might work well on black cable.