Alright, anyone know where these old books sculptures came from? – [via] Link.

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  • trouserslacks

    I think that’s Brian Dettmer’s work. It’s awesome stuff.

    More pictures can be found here

  • DrCadaverous

    My first thought was Brian Dettmer also, but these are more sophisticated than what he has on his gallery page. So either that gallery is outdated or these are someone else’s. Maybe these were the inspiration for Brian’s work, or vice versa. Someone should shoot him an e-mail.

  • DrCadaverous

    Here’s a follow-up to my previous post. I did some digging and found that trouserslacks was correct and these are Brian Dettmer. His work has evolved in exciting ways since that Aron Packer Gallery page was made and since I saw him in San Antonio a little over a year ago. Here’s a couple links I dug up:


  • trouserslacks

    He also had an exhibit at the International Museum of Surgical Science.


    The skull made of melted cassette tapes is one of my favorites.

  • LAyla Door Artist

    What I really like about these is that you have both the completely original and hard to do (i.e. face sculpture and Alice in Wonderland relief), but also something that looks like it could be done by a craftsy beginner (i.e. old book shelf). Thanks for showing a variety of techniques.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NKJ7ZL2V56MEJE26TJZU3CKPGU Sydney Smith


  • arthini

    Wow, they’re AMAZIN! x

  • zuri

    cool i wish i do that!