Josh Simon’s over at the Sun blog(s) has a great set of photos from a supercomputer in an chapel!

With my supercomputer-as-art background from Thinking Machines, I’m perhaps pre-disposed to appreciate nicely done computers and computer installations. I was blown away when I saw the photos below of MareNostrum, currently the 9th largest supercomputer in the world and the largest in Europe, which is installed in a former chapel at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). Wow.

The most beautiful supercomputer in the world – Link.

  • WmD

    Not the first church to be used for computers…


  • kazanjig

    As a Boston College alumnus, I need to point out the BC moved its Data Center to St. Clement’s Chapel at the former archdiocese of Boston campus. The data center is now guarded by a stained-glass window of St. Isidore, the patron saint of the internet.

    ITS Data Center Move
    Ars Technica article
    Boston Globe article
    Movie of the move

  • gearjunkie

    I’m glad to see somebody beat me to it, I went to RPI, and that was one of the coolest places on campus. Learning CAD in a computer lab with a 12 foot diameter stained glass window about 30 feet above you gave you an entirely new element. . .