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John writes -

The Firefly is a tube-based guitar amplifier popularized on (a tube amp community and forum). The Firefly PCB was created so even the beginner to tube amps can succeed. The PCB is “open hardware” meaning that the PCB file is free to download and modify as well. Otherwise the PCB’s are sold for $19 each. There’s a detailed assembly guide as well for download at the site.

Firefly PCB – Link.

Phillip Torrone

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  1. shbazjinkens says: is a great place to go if you want to build your own guitar amp, this is only one of many projects. When I was 17 (6 years ago) I built a (now removed) amp called the Voxy Lady that I still play today. The forum dwellers are spectacular at diagnosing problems and helping with suppliers, etc.

  2. cakemaker says:

    those are Ei tubes made in Nis, Serbia, aren’t they? They make custom tubes if you ask for it, as I have heared.