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Flat-screen pinball

Here’s an interesting looking pinball machine made from a huge flat screen… Here’s the artist’s description… The “cyberspace” level represents the alleged dangers the Internet poses fo children, as envisioned by parents and scaremongering media. Here kids can lose control (as the player can, by getting the ball into a... Read more »

The Buckminster Fuller challenge

Help the world, win $100k with The Buckminster Fuller challenge – Buckminster Fuller’s prolific life of exploration, discovery, invention and teaching was driven by his intention “to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone”.... Read more »

HOW TO – Returning CD-ROM wheel

Advoo writes – This science project will show you how to make a returning CD-ROM wheel. This experiment is usually done with a tin can, but here you can see what is happening inside. HOW TO – Returning CD-ROM wheel – Link. Read more »

Back to school giveaway – POCKET REF!!

It’s time for another back to school giveaway – POCKET REF!! “If there was just one tool that no (back to school) Maker should be without, what would it be?” This may just be the tool we’d pick. This great little book is a concise all-purpose reference featuring hundreds of... Read more »