It appears that the new video iPod nanos and iPod classics at the 5th Ave flagship store in NYC are all pre-loaded with a variety of Weekend Projects Podcasts! They went on sale today, if you got one, which videos did your iPod come with? Leave notes in the comments!

  • eccramer

    I’m glad that Make is getting recognition as one of the best video podcasts out there. I hope that when people see this in Apple stores, they get interested in the Maker Spirit, and perhaps subscribe to Make.

  • fsckus

    iPods do not come preloaded with content.

    However, the store units on display are usually loaded with some content, and it’s often up to the individuals in the store as to what media is put on them. Apple puts out a package of songs and videos, but often when new product is rolled out that package isn’t ready yet, so store employees dump their favorite podcasts and trailers on the iPods from a computer in the back with iTunes.

  • Cardinale

    I bought the red iPod nano…and unfortunately it did not come preloaded with anything…had to wait until I returned home to play anything(audio or video) on my new toy.

    Must be some guerrilla “makereting”