12Mhz Sclk 4Levels Anno
Man, no one breaks it down about scopes’ better than bunnie… –

The Youscope demo is a hard act to follow up on, but I’ve had this scope screenshot for a while now and I thought it was so neat that I wanted to talk about it a bit on the blog.

Before I dive into the post, let me say that the best accessory I ever bought for my scope (a Tek TDS5104B-don’t let anyone ever tell you an Agilent is better than a Tek!) is the P6245 active probe. After suffering for many years with a Kikusui 100 MHz analog scope with second-hand passive probes, the quality of measurements I get with the active probe and the TDS5104B brings a tear to my eye. For the first time ever I can see traces that actually look like the darn SPICE simulations…

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  • nnunns

    Phillip! You disappoint me with your Agilent slander!

  • HackedByJoe

    That’s nice your happy with your fancy oscilloscope, but I seriously doubt that the average maker wants to hear about a $15,000 – $20,000 oscilloscope.

    Most makers probably want to hear about the cool things they can do with their piece of crap oscilloscopes like that aforementioned Youscope.

  • philliptorrone

    @HackedByJoe – this is the first time we’ve covered anything *besides* cheap scopes — seems fair!

  • rdarlington

    HackedByJoe: Some of us do have $15k o-scopes on top of our $25k network analyzers. I have no bias toward Agilent or Tektronix, however for my needs, Tektronix did not have anything with sufficient memory. A lot of what I do involves long delays (ultrasound, SFAI, etc.) and no Tek scopes cut the mustard in this regard. The last scope I bought for hobby stuff though was a Tek 485 (discontinued in 1987) for $300 on eBay.