Hotweels 20070916
Jason writes –

Ed Paradis has put some thought into a couple of hacks for the Hot Wheels toy radar gun. You can use the radar to detect the speed of moving objects, but Ed also posted some semi-successful (and some not-so, but worth reading) experiments with using the device in a custom circuit to detect the distance of objects for robotic projects. It’s also worth noting that the LCD can be repurposed as a display output for your other electronic gizmos. For 30 bucks, it’s a pretty good collection of useful robot parts.

Hacking the Hot Wheels Radar Gun – [via] Link.

  • RonNelsonII

    I’ve found these on clearance at Target for about $15, so keep an eye out for discounts.

  • whatevereverever

    Why am I not surprised mattel is selling a handheld microwave (3cm wavelength) transmitter to children.