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Becky writes –

Livejournal user vomitsaw has created these printed circuit board (PCB) bracelets to look like skulls! No word as to whether they’re for sale, but the etched copper and AV plug fasteners make these a geek-chic must have.

Skull PCB Bracelet – [via] Link.

  • svofski


  • svofski


  • Justinicus

    is it just me, or are those lead eyes a bad idea for jewelry?

  • DrNick

    Instead of solder for the eyes, LED’s would be great.

  • MerMer

    Hey all-
    I’m that fella’s roomate (and the original submiter to boingboing). We’re working on making more for sale right now.
    as for the solder, it is sealed with acrylic sealant, and even then no solder is actaully touching your wrist.
    stop by his lj for more info!