I came across these psychedelic-looking roses at the county fair the other day and just had to snap a few photos. Yes, they’re real! The signage at the event explained that the flowers hail from the Netherlands, and that the multi-hued effect is created by injecting various dyes into the stems during the growing process. The effect is very surreal, like a wedding bouquet a Deadhead might carry. Does anyone out there have any more information about these wild and crazy roses? More photos in the CRAFT Flickr pool. Link.

Jenny Ryan

Jenny Ryan

Jenny Ryan is an artist, crafter, and maker of things. She lives in Los Angeles with a pack of various animals (including her husband) and writes about her adventures in creating at Exit Through the Thrift Shop.

  • cassinator

    I did a similar experiment in middle school with carnations. We split the stems and put one half in water with red food coloring and the other half in water with blue food coloring. Half of the flower was red and the other half was blue.

  • mellymels

    they are called happy roses. i saw them online and here are some web resources for info and ordering them

  • Katie

    my sister and i do tie-dying to clothes
    and when i saw these flowers i feel in love
    this is amazing!!!!