Here’s a video of making a robot doll-like project from start to finish, and the music is catchy.

  • FreakCounter

    Very nice, but can she WRESTLE?

  • lungfish

    Great, now I’m going to have nightmares. Why do I always click the play button?

  • imvain2

    This could be an intresting project, and a fun way to scare people. Convince them the house is haunted and get them to walk up to like a mantle where the doll is sitting, leave the room and remotely trigger it to start talking and moving.

  • rvRebeL

    begins plans on a full size version.

  • RobotsDreams

    Very cool. He started with a Kondo KHR, then fabricated new frames, and used the RCB3 controller with H2H3. I still can’t get over how much detail work he did, though I choked when he sawed off the hands.