Thanks to writer/maker Bob Iannini, we finally have a book for makers that includes every personality of homebrew fanatic. Here’s 28 projects that will make your basement look like an FBI crime lab.

Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius by Bob Iannini Link

  • Silas

    I have this book.. It’s nice :-D

  • markayak

    Or, projects that will make your basement look like an FBI crime lab looks like on TV.

  • Agronski

    I don’t want to sound bitter – but
    (a) I didn’t think MakeZine went in for free ads for authors’ books, and
    (b) I own a copy of this book, and the ‘parts suppliers’ consists of one, count them one, company that can supply the parts…and you guessed it – it’s Bob Iannini’s company. Since he doesn’t give component values (just part numbers) it’s not even possible to go looking elsewhere. Make might not be a good place for a book review, but the spirit of making your own stuff is sorta ruined by how the projects are described in this book…

  • cyenobite

    thanks for that Agronski!
    I’m also just a little concerned with all these books/websites equating making/makers and electronics with “evil”. I know it’s kinda just for fun, but just a thought. Seems with all these stories now of TSA problems and Boston, we should shy away from using terms like “evil” and FBI crime labs.

  • gavindjharper

    It’s just a brand name – you don’t have to be Evil, just like a lot of smart people read ‘..for Dummies’ books… I’ve written a few books in the series, and have set up a Facebook group for people to discuss the books…

    There are a plethora of other books, check out “Band Aid Fuel Cell” on MAKE: and if you like it, check out my “Fuel Cells Projects for the Evil Genius”,

  • UHF

    I thought the Robert Iannini books were notoriously poor and people have had trouble with his parts supply company.

  • weirdguy

    Yeah, I got the second one from the library and wanted to build something, but not even half the “special” parts he listed were on his website to order. Tip, borrow before you buy.