The “Candull” (pictured above) sports standard light bulb screw grooves and fits into any lamp socket. Just think how much money you will save next time you “light up” your desk lamp. Also on the site (link below) is the “Power Cord Shelf” which turns any outlet into a small shelf, the “Grow Plug” which allows you to plug in your plants in as wall ornaments, and “Toothhold” a power cord toothbrush holder, and many more cool projects.

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  • Stokes

    It seems like it should also have something to catch the wax… someone may eventually take out the candle and put a light bulb back in. If the outside of the socket is covered with wax, it would be a fire hazard.

    But it seems this is more of an art project, in which case I’m being overly pragmatic. :-)

  • Tercero

    How the heck did this make it to the MAKE page? Seriously? It’s a story about someone sticking a candle in a light socket. Why the write up? Seems an egregious waste of time and resources to post silly articles.

    – its here to stir up some conversation by readers like you :)

  • StormyWetDry

    I think it’s a neat idea. Don’t know if I’ll be trying it, but somehow I would’ve never thought of something so simple.

    Also @Stokes- ‘overly pragmatic’ is my new favorite phrase.

  • Tercero

    Now, now. Conversation about making is “how the heck do make a 40 watt CO2 laser cutting table” not, should I buy red or white candles to stick in the light socket. Hell stick a road flare in the light socket, at least it’d be more interesting.

    And why would you post your comment, in my comment? Doesn’t make sense.

  • shbazjinkens

    Candles are much more expensive than light bulbs (per Lumen), that’s why they’re only used for scent and emergencies (sometimes both!) now.

  • JennaSys

    While I can fully appreciate this as a form of art, and have minimal qualms about doing stupid things in a controlled manner, encouraging the sticking of objects into electrical outlets and light sockets for fun just seems like a bad idea.

  • Blitz-ner

    Check out their website… for only $1475.00 you too can short out two electrical sockets on the case of a fire extinguisher. Safe.

    I think any environmental benefit these have is offset when your house burns down.

    The light switch hook is a neat idea though, also being the only item not put in a socket. High Rube Goldberg potential.

  • TheThompsonFive

    Relax folks, it’s art. Not everything we make has to be practical, or safe for that matter.

  • MadScott

    I particularly like the water/wet-items-near-the-AC-socket designs (vase, towels, planter). I’m sure that Underwriter’s Labs would approve…

  • gear_head

    I think they might be on special sale too, they’re only $65 each!

  • Haksel

    It is the great idea but I don`t think if I can use it at my home :)
    But than it can be hard to clean inside the lamp if you would like to use it again a lamp …