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Ed told us about his site, Stencil1, so we wanted to share it with you. He offers precut mylar stencils good for painting clothes, walls, furniture and so on.

While there are many cool patterns, what caught our eyes were some of the Halloween stencils he is now offering for sale. Simply position the stencil on your item and apply paint:


Once it is dry you have a cool halloween themed shirt:


Included in the new Halloween mini set are the Jolly Roger, as well as a skull, owl, and Frankenstein.

These would be ideal for not only clothes, but also making invites to your own Halloween party!

Site and online store – Link.

  • kenny

    would it be better to send you the fonts or turn it into a jpeg? there are two fonts one font makes a skull. and the other makes the text.

    and can I have a smaller version on the same stencil for a pocket print?

    thanks kenny proulx

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