Craftpodcast Papernautilusshell
This week’s CRAFT Pattern Podcast is the knit Paper Nautilus Shell by Hansi Singh of Hansigurumi. A paper nautilus is a type of octopus who has special arms that secrete a shell which is used for egg brooding. You can easily knit up a few of these paper nautiluses to decorate your home or for a special gift.

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  • freoannie

    I’m trying to download this pattern PDF – new to the site – the download just stops… Any ideas why??

  • A Fling With String

    Hello Fellow Knitters,
    I was surfing the web for a unique Owl pattern and fell in love with the one on this site. Beatiful job! is there a way to get the pattern?
    I would dearly appreciate it!

  • tiiu vanamois

    I have many crocheted seashells with instructions on my blog -no copyright anyone is welcome to use them.