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Super handy Dynamic Periodic Table! Good ole’ AJAX is there anything you can’t do? – [via] Link.

MASSIVE Periodic Table round up:

 Blog Img413 1269
Periodic table gets a makeover – Link.

 Blog Lego Table
LEGO periodic table of elements – Link.

 Blog 55+
The Wooden Periodic Table Table – Link.

 Blog P Table
Periodic table of tools – Link.

 Blog Make 834
Periodic Table of the Internet – Link.

 Blog Img413 784
Interactive Periodic Table – Link.

 Blog Img M623
The comic book “Periodic table of the elements” – Link.

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Periodic Table of the Operators – Link.

 Blog Img413 851
The Periodic Table of Poetry – Link.

 Blog 188141607 19D3D6F956
Periodic Table of keys – Link.

Phillip Torrone

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  1. Sara_UT says:

    This is an awesome assortment! Out of all the science classes I took, Chemistry is the one thing I never did, and I think it should have been the first, since it’s the basis of everything else . . . . I’ve always loved the funky look of the periodic table, and I love these updates on the idea. Here’s some others I’ve seen, from my huge list of blogs in my reader (I have so many because I can do a search in it, and have the search be a feed; I only regularly read a small portion of them) Adobe Products shown in Circular PToE style Periodic Table of Rock (found via What is Wanietta Knitting Today? blog, post: The Periodic Table Printmaking Project, which is awesome! Found through, let’s see if I can remember . . thru

  2. clarkburbidge says:

    This may not be makey enough, but it sure got me excited about collaboration!

  3. goodfeets says:

    Here’s on that is a little more arty than makey, but I think it will fit in nicely.