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The “Vanity Ring” project by Markus Kison is an interesting take on social status. The wearer inputs their name into the software which uploads the amount of mentions their name gets on a Google search onto the ring. From the description: “While in earlier times richness and importance were equal to the amount of money or jewels someone possessed, in a post information society it’s the attention you get from the world’s people, that counts.

Vanity Ring – [via] Link, Video

  • Unomi

    mentionsOnGoogleResults != attentionFromPeople

    They are simply not equal.

    – Unomi –

  • inkyblue2

    this is not nearly as cool as what i expected from the headline. i pictured something that would try pinging google if it found a wifi connection and use the results as an indicator of internet connectivity status. change this ring to display my ping time to google and i’ll be impressed!