• TannerLD

    Very cool. Looks like you got 4 sets. Whats the hole in it for? The cord?

  • philliptorrone


  • Barnacle

    It would be cool if you could take the experiment one step further and organise to sell the whole thing online. I could do with a couple if these (one for work and one for home).

  • dingolishious

    The service seemed great for rapid prototyping, I was happy with the materials cost. The cutting cost wasn’t bad and I’m sure I could optimize the design. Shipping costs killed it for me. I don’t need it overnight so I was caught off guard with the $60 quote with no options. I tried a couple of material options incase it was a size or weight issue but it seems set at $60.

    Just a bit too expensive to test drive on my dime.