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Meant for the urban environment, “Wind to Light”, an installation by Jason Bruges Studio utilizes 500 mini wind turbines to generate power to illuminate mounted LEDs on the top of the turbines. The result is a cloud of light that emanates from the ground as weather and wind patterns shift over time.

Jason Bruges Studio – Link



  1. holton says:

    These things are cool!
    Anybody know were I can buy some?

  2. rawmake says:

    no plans, no parts list or supplier

  3. jeromelab says:

    I bought 2 of these little turbines.
    The guy is using ready made toys without modifying anything, how is this supposed to be cool?. As far as I understand the concepts of art and installation, this is definitively lame.

    Here is the original Make blog posting:

    and this is where to get it

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