Here’s an interesting social experiment and one that would be pretty easy to duplicate. To poo or not to poo in a public two-way mirror toilet? Although this project is a little bit old, it still is pretty relevant in the struggle over personal vs. public space that is happening in urban spaces around the world.

Could you go? Two Way Mirrored Toilet – Link

  • rdarlington

    Shouldn’t that be a one way mirrored toilet?

  • samurai1200

    Right… isn’t a two-way mirror just a piece of glass? ha.

  • WonderWheeler

    Normal is a one-way mirror or two-way glass. A normal mirror only works one way, it shows your reflection. Normal glass works two-ways, you can see out and others can see in. What is shown here could be called two-way mirror or one-way glass. The effect is also called “pepper’s ghost” after an old magician.

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    • Jos

      Pepper’s Ghost is a different effect. It is achieved by putting a piece of glass in a scene. Viewers can watch the scene behind it, and ‘ghost’ images can be shown in the scene by illuminating objects in front of the glass.. If the glass is placed under an angle, those objects themselves can be hidden from view above, under or aside the viewers. This trick works with regular glass, no mirror is required.