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Chuck writes in -

Who didn’t walk out of The Last Starfighter — yep, the Lance Guest movie from the ’80s — hoping to find a Starfighter game in the arcade? Sadly, the game was never produced. But some guys over at Rogue Synapse recreated a playable version of the actual game from the movie — it’s a free download — and offer drawings of the movie-prop game cabinet. Add a little MAME ingenuity and you’ve got yourself the arcade you dreamed of as a kid. (Just don’t leave me behind if Centauri comes for you first.)

RogueSynapse – [via] Link.

Phillip Torrone

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  1. robertadams1 says:

    Wow! That is fantastic! When I was a kid I always used to look in every arcade I went into for that game- I figured that there _must_ be a movie tie-in somewhere. I guess I know what I am going to have to do now- I have to show “Last Starfighter” to my kids and build one… :-)

  2. timguba says:


    What a great movie – one of the first to use computer animation of that quantity and quality.

    In fact, I still have the movie on VHS!

    I can’t wait to see how well this game works.

    And yes, I am still trying to get my Beta unit functioning properly!!!

  3. screaminscott says:

    I downloaded the game, and would LOVE to play it.

    But I can’t find any instructions!!! All I get on the game is the demo. I can’t figure out the key combination to “insert coin” or any of the other controls

    Any help? I’ve surfed the web page and can’t anything!

    1. Darkman042 says:

      C:\Program Files\RogueSynapse\Starfighter\READ ME Starfighter.txt contains the instructions. Here is a breakdown of the default controls:

      Turret movement , right fire W-S-A-D (like alot of fps’s) -or- Arrows, Left Alt
      Reticle , left fire I-K-J-L -or mouse, Space or Left mouse

      Weapon toggle 1 or Right mouse

      Weapon Select:
      Laser m
      Particle Beam ,
      Photon bolt (Missiles) .

      Death Blossom Hold left and Right mouse together -or-
      hold 1 and space -or hold 1 and Left mouse
      (Death Blossom must be enabled through the
      Diagnostic Mode. See below.

      COIN 5
      Diagnostic Mode 0

      Also if you are patient and watch through the attract mode, all the controls (now that you know what they are) are explained further. I recommend not only reading the entire readme file, but also play with the diagnostic mode. You can customize how the weapons recharge, if you have death blossom or not and also how often it will malfunction. A neat thing that I discovered from playing; if you trigger death blossom and it DOESN’T malfunction, you end up fully recharged! I wathced the movie with my kids in the livingroom after downloading this game, and you wouldn’t believe how cool it was for them to see this game after the movie was over.. It is just like what I imagined it should have been when I was a kid. :)))))

      Have fun!

  4. Bayne17 says:

    The instructions are on a READ ME in the folder where it’s installed: “C:\Program Files\RogueSynapse\Starfighter\”

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