How NOT to use TOR

A lot of people use TOR as a sort of anonymity and encryption magic bullet, but that’s really not what it’s designed for. Your packets are encrypted and routed through various TOR nodes, each node only knowing about the node on either side of it and unaware of the full... Read more »

Help Norman solarize his wheelchair

A MAKE: Blog reader named Norman is interested in retro-fitting his wheel chair with solar power to get more runtime out of his chair batteries. He writes: I have an electric wheelchair and would like to have solar power for when I ride it into town. It has two 12-volt... Read more »

Phoenix DIY meeting 2

Greetings Phoenix makers and crafters! The second official meeting of the Phoenix DIY group will be held Tuesday, November 13th, at 7pm. We will have presentations on electric skateboards, carbon fiber bikes, and origami. If you’re in the Phoenix metro area, join us! – Link. Read more »

Sugar based DIY pumice

Ryan seems to have discovered a sweet DIY pumice recipe, he writes – I was working on my bike just now, and had pretty well covered my hands with some serious gunkage. Normally I just use dishwashing detergent to clean my hands, but tonight my old pal Dawn just wasn’t... Read more »