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HOW TO – Convert an old PC (386 or 486 or Pentium) to a network print server

Good use for an old 386/486 computer… - This tutorial demonstrates how to build a low cost, stand-alone, professional quality Network Print Server for a local area network. It uses the industry standard Raw Socket API, a trend set by Hewlett Packard’s JetDirect and JetDirectEX print servers; also called “raw... Read more »

Pocket-coin screwdrivers

These are awesome! 12 for $8.50! - This innocent-looking 1″ dia. flat steel bagel is really a very versatile pocket screwdriver. What makes it so effective is the range of edge thickness (from 0.030″ to 0.090″) created by a ramp formed on one side. It replaces dimes, quarters and table... Read more »

SurveillanceSaver alpha 0

Michael writes - Not a real hardware hack but a software hack to public available hardware. SurveillanceSaver is an OS X screen saver that shows about 400 live images from public accessible Axis network cameras. it shows surprising scenes from underwater pool cameras, cows in milking machines to shopping malls... Read more »


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