Here are a bunch of Guitar Hero mods!

 Blog Guitarheroforreal
Another real Guitar Hero – Link.

 Blog Guitarheromarshall1
Ultimate Guitar Hero mod – Link.

 Blog Post-Ghhead
HOW TO – Build your own custom full-sized wireless … – Link.

 Blog Fqdtpugf4Mszzs2.Medium
HOW TO – Make a DIY PS2 Guitar Hero controller – Link.

 Blog Project01
Guitar Hero + Commodore 64 – Link.

Wireless Guitar hero PS2 controller mod… – Link.

 Blog 148380767-M
Left handed Guitar hero mod & more mods! – Link.

 Blog 431188626 135C877B53 B
Guitar Heronoid – Android plays Guitar Hero – Link.

  • beckkl

    Man, you guys post the same stuff over and over and over and….. I suppose you need something to fill the RSS feed now that Halloween is over and you can’t post the same cartoons 5 times a day.

  • philliptorrone

    @beckkl – not everyone reads every single post on MAKE so from time to time we do round ups. most of the posts on MAKE aren’t old ones and most are not found elsewhere online.

  • dext3r

    @beckkl – man that was kinda harsh. personally, i have not seen the GH + C64 mod, so thanks for the roundup phillip.

  • philliptorrone

    @dext3r – thank you so much.

  • RDAC
  • volkemon

    @beckki- I too am happy to see those HW comics gone (sick of scrolling through them!)…but even some of the ‘old’ posts on IR on the last page are helping me with a new project, although I’m sure that SOMEONE is PO’d about having to see the same thing again. I admit…I was too damn lazy to search MAKE for an IR decoder and it was here x2!

  • mei

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