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This version of the mega hit game “Guitar Hero” lets you punk out with your own accordion. That’s just the kind of impetus I need to fashion my own version of the game like “Recorder Hero”, “Ukulele Hero”, “Castanet Hero”, ahh the possibilities are endless. Still, it’s a nicely done game mod.

Spiele – Accordian Hero II, Link, [via]



  1. k0an says:

    Since it’s not April Fool’s Day I’m guessing you guys don’t know that Schadenfreude Interactive is a fake company that just puts out spoofs? They don’t actually sell this stuff.

  2. wiml says:

    ! I was hoping this was real.

  3. Hellmark says:

    If it was real (which it obviously isn’t), I’d get it. and actually, would be kind of a fun mod to do if you run across a broken GH guitar. Have the strumming done when you squeeze or open the accordion, etc. And if you really wanted to get crazy, make a mod for Frets on Fire; do up a bunch of songs with accordions, hack a keyboard for part of the controller, etc.

  4. cpfair says:

    “Clairnet Hero” here I come :P

  5. osbock says:

    I love the names of the company’s staff:
    (My German is poor, so this is approximate)
    I detect a pythonesque theme.
    Mörderhäschen -Murderer Bunny
    Käsegeschäft- Cheese Shop
    Crispin Frosch – Crunchy frog

    The other’s look suspicious to me too, but alas mein Deutsch ist schlect!

  6. osbock says:

    Oh and I think:
    Otto Zweihallen is Otto Two-Sheds

  7. DABono says:

    And don’t forget Sousaphone Hero!

  8. SoundGuy says:

    Yeah. You’re right.
    hacking a keyboard and using frets on fire:

    I can make a video or write an artivle for Make about how to mod a keyboard into an Accordion Hero, if you want just contact me so i’d know where to submit it.

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