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Jeanette shows us how to make our own crafty ribbon storage boxes that we all covet. Link.

  • captainkate

    If you have lots of ribbon, try ribbon tags. I got mine at ribbonring.com. I can have about 50 ribbons per ring. I have one ring per color. I use ribbon boxes like this for my really wide ribbon (2″ +)

  • charliemotel

    What a fab idea. I have a box with a lid for my ribbons- when you open it, there are so many squished in it that they all spring out everywhere in a very disorganised fashion!

  • moxie

    i wonder if a modified version of this would work for roving?

  • http://www.ribbonbazaar.com/ jamesmount

    This is actually a nice idea to stay organized and save your time and the storage box is looking beautiful too. Thanks for this smart concept.