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Like it’s long lost brother, “Mr.Coffee”, this homemade Geiger counter affectionately called “Mr.Fission” will not only tell you if you are sitting on a nuclear weapon, but might also save your life if you can get it built before anything really bad happens.

Digital Geiger Counter Project – Link, via



  1. getaya says:

    With a name like Mr. Fission, it’s probably shouldn’t be carried in your carry-on luggage. (or anywhere near an airport)

  2. Austringer says:

    A geiger counter is handy if you want to tell if your light green depression era glass is authentic or not. Tic Tic!

  3. UHF says:

    Just in time for the anniversary of the death of dissident Alexander Litvinenko from radiation poisoning last year.

  4. Make magazine needs to make this a genuine feature story in the print edition… Now that we know the ambient radioactive levels in North America are higher than EPA set limits because of rainfall from Fukushima, it’s time US citizens mobilized for survival. The cost of commercial Geiger counters is intentionally prohibitive to the general public, so the only solution, is to do it ourselves!

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