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With just a wire, a wood screw, and a drinking straw you can go MacGyver on your PC’s WiFi and make yourself an omnidirectional “range extender” antenna, similar to what you’d find in the store for $30. There isn’t a lot of talk about the reasoning behind the antenna design… it’s just a straight duplicate of what’s in the commercial product.

WIFI Range Extender Antenna – Link



  1. ggrk says:

    To make the extender antenna the wire used must be made of copper *without* any plastic coating. The plastic on a wire alters the velocity factor of the wire and detunes the antenna. An antenna made from a plastic coated wire will be shorter in length than a plain one. The efficiency will also be reduced.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    nice one… mcgyver…lol…

  4. Sridhar says:

    Tried and works like a charm. Tip. I found it difficult to make a perfect coil (final result did not have any geometrical shape) using a wood screw. I used a stirrer instead, its diameter was around ½ of the drinking straw, and after making the required turns stretched the coil a bit (to ensure the coils do not touch adjacent turns).