Martijn writes –

Hi Makezine people, Rein gives us a demo of how you can create a coloured barcode and scan it with your mobile. By adding colour the information capacity of the barcode increases, this leads to many new ways of using the barcode. For instance: put a coloured barcode on a poster, scan it with your mobile and directly get the ringtone of that particular brand on your phone.

Barcode + Colour + Mobile = ? – Link.

  • Stokes

    But how well does it work in non-white light?

  • ryan

    He completely fails to mention just how much storage he has in his ‘new’ creation, just that its ‘more’. Plus there are already barcodes with color used in existence.

  • joe

    colors are a horrible thing to add to barcodes, they can vary so much depending on the light, unless it’s only using generic ROYGBIV and can accept tolerance.

  • Monk

    oooo but think of the fun spy movie gadgets!

  • Viktor

    Microsoft has done such thing with triangles and and publicly introduced two years ago