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jkmobile added a touch screen to his Eee PC and he’s posted a video showing how to do it. He was able to find a properly sized after-market touch panel that could be fitted on top of the stock screen just behind the bezel. It then connects to the PC using a USB connection, which he was able to completely hide by soldering the connector directly to the motherboard’s USB pins.

I wasn’t aware that these touch panels were readily available. It looks like this mod could be easily adapted to just about any laptop model. Cool stuff.

Add a Touch Panel to Asus Eee PC – Video, Link



  1. MakeFan: says:

    Nice hack, although not very useful.

    It would be very useful on one of those HP non-touch convertable laptops. However, if you can’t convert the screen, that is fold it back like on tablet PC’s, what would be the point?

    Yes, you can touch instead of using the mouse, but you still have a keyboard/touch mouse sitting in front of you, taking up space, getting in the way. You can probably use handwriting recognition, but again, you still got a keyboard protruding.

  2. SirAthos says:

    Not useful for one person does not make it useless for every person.

    Simple scenario: you have an old laptop sitting around, and your kids love to paint/draw. Only, it is no fun with a mouse, and only limited fun with a pen/tablet. And, too expensive to buy a new touch screen just for that. Go figure what the solution is…

    Very useful for some of us. Thank you.