Martijn writes –

NeuroSky has made a system which can turn brainwaves into commands. This is a revolutionary technique that will have a big impact on all kinds of markets. The gaming industry for instance: playing games without a game controller. But also the elderly can benefit from techniques like this: not physically having to move to control electronic devices/machines around the house. Watch the videos. Must see.

Brainwaves become commands – Link.

  • david banner

    NeuroSky? SkyNet?

  • joe

    shouldn’t this be huge news??
    think about the next refresh of video game systems now with neurosky headsets.

  • Dan

    This looks like BullSh*t!
    I’d bet big money that the “control” is extremely loose and is more related to biofeedback nonsense than any decoding of neuronal firing patterns! (Which they couldn’t achieve anyway with just surface electrodes).

  • ffresh

    “i was thinking i had to think about my thoughts”

    nicely worded, kiddo

  • positive anion

    It’ll probably virtual boy on us, but that doesn’t mean it won’t enjoy a good mod scene.