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“Otto” which means “ear” in Greek, is a device that amplifies hidden sounds in the environment using suction cups and magnets. Used as multiple units, the project can produce a layered sonic experience through emitting ambient sounds. Pretty interesting idea for creating a musical performance of sorts, we just wonder exactly how melodic the resulting sound could be or if it would just result in a lot of white noise.

Madsounds / Otto – Link, [via]

  • Mark Rehorst

    Insects communicate by vibrating the surfaces they stand on more commonly than via sounds in the air. A vibratory pick-up placed on a plant where there are insects will pick up all sorts of interesting sounds.

    Rex Cocroft at U of Missouri, Columbia has done a lot of research in this area and has been featured on NPR.

  • Dorothy Gale

    Oto means ear. Otto is some german name.

  • Lord Yo

    Any idea where one can listen to sample sounds from Otto? The sample sound links on the Madsounds page point to nowhere.